Static Lights not working

I’m guessing it may be something to do with the new Lumen system, but no static lights are working after a light build. As soon as the light build is complete, the scene just goes completely dark. If I set one of the lights to stationary, after the build those seem to work fine. Does anyone have any advice or any solutions to get static lights to work? If I change the Global Illumination in my Post Process to Screen Space, instead of Lumen, the static lights work fine.

Lumen Global Illumination cannot be used with Static lighting in lightmaps.

Oh! I looked at those details but missed that critical bullet point. Makes sense now. Since the scene I’m testing needs multiple lights, and the stationary lights can only support a limited number of shadows in an area, I’ll have to test it without Lumen. When I change the GI method to Screen Space, I get a very grainy image. I’ve been trying to find some settings that may effect that, but can’t seem to find any reason.

If I remember correctly: You can set Indirect Light Intensity to 0 on each light and Lumen will just ignore them for the GI saving performance. So in theory you can light your scene a la UE4 and only have Lumen for your key light(s).