Static lighting problem after bake

My problem with static lights after bake are that they look very different before and after bake

Before bake

After bake

Lightmap density

Tried turning on/off Inverse square falloff on the point light, same thing!

Any help is appreciated

The static light affecting your wall is most likely because your wall is metallic and Static lights only have a diffuse component, which metallic pixels do not. So after the bake when the Static light is truly static, you lose the specular contribution and the Static light has some approximation on affecting the metallic pixels. Is there any chance your tree and floor are metallic as well?

If you can, switch the Static lights to Stationary. You could also place a cubemap actor in the scene that will pick up a specular orb at the position of the Static light. A Box Reflection Actor should be able to line up the light on the wall and the actual light’s position fairly well.

Tree is not metallic at all.
Are there any performance issues with stationary lights after bake?