Static Light Shadows

I want to light the test scene with two static lights but can’t get “solid shadow”. (((
Tell me, please, what a parameter am I need to get detailed shadows?

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your advice, I will keep it in mind, but I’m afraid there are too much lights for “movable”.

I think your advice is more about the game development, where optimization is the most important thing. My goal is to learn Unreal Engine and maybe in future I will make this scene destructible.
Now I just want to level up my texturing skills and would like to get arhiviz quality picture. I’m afraid that if I bake the ventilation grille to the dome normal map with alpha mask, I’ll need a very large textures to get high qualty render.
Will LODs help me to reduce memory cost? I made a several LOD for each mesh in scene: