Static light is dark on dynamic.

Static lighting just seems very dark compared to a straight up dynamic light or stationary light. Plus certain things dont work with static light. Light specularity on the new hair material doesnt work with static lights that are baked. So how do i make something look like it has global illumination with static and dynamic lights? I am too limited with stationary lights which is pretty lame. Only 5 per object.

Is there a way to get global illumination and bounce lights without going strictly static or even stationary… i just dont understand the process here of lighting properly… Its like yes i can throw dynamic lights into an area that already has static lights, but then doesnt that unrealistically double the light? Im confused.

My project is VR and needs every ounce of performance, but it appears like unreal engine 4 static light is just garbage for the dynamic objects in a scene… unless im doing something incorrect…

Re: Hair

Hair is mostly a character model and it was only really tweaked and made to look good with dynamic lights. I have never seen a project use static lighting for characters, unless you just mean the indirect lighting quality. Have you tried going from ILCQ_Point to ILCQ_Volume? That might help. But I still think hair was tweaked to have at least one dynamic or stationary light.

For static lighting, the specularity gets generalized into 3 lobes each spaced 60 degrees from eachother, and they don’t really have any positional accuracy.

For VR if you want GI you need static for the environment. At least for now.

If you are statically lighting an area, you would only place dynamic lights for dynamic things, like muzzle flashes or flashlights. You wouldn’t really try mixing dynamic spotlights and static fill, usually that would be more a stationary light which does the indirect matching.