Static light doesn't affect a surface


I have faced with a really annoying issue and have no idea where to find its cause:

I have a scene with many static meshes. I added point light (static) and wanted to light some area but it doesn’t receive any light under any circumstances.
Feels like there is a transpatent plane that prevents to cats ligth on objects but I’ve double checked it there is none.
It is hard to describe, take a look at the screens please.

Can you help me with an advice?

As I can see small red lights affects that surface normally, so first of all copy one of them and make it settings like that big white light

You got lightmass volumes? and/or a character irradiance volume? Or any reflection spheres/boxes on/in that scene? Any skylights? Post processing volumes?

Lots of things to check…and you got the option of changing the optimisation tab in the viewport to see where the hitch(s) are/might be.

Yeah, but I if raise this red light up it won’t work, the same as the big white light.

Yeah, you right. I should thought about it. So I have directional light and sky light, ExponentialHeightFog, AtmosphericFog and lightmassimportancevolume. I don’t have any post processings and reflections. Previously I added them to play with it but then I reverted all the changes.

Test with red lights shows the same.
Before building the light:

I’ve found out If I turn off “cast shadows” for the white light, it will light the place correctly. So I can say something casting this black shadow but I don’t know what it is and can’t find it. Can it be a bug?

It may be a bsp brush.
But it must be shown in game

Thank you but it isn’t. There only 2 brushes in the level and they are in different place.

In case you accidentially deleted one of brushes/volumes polygons, it may cause wrong bsp calculation.
So, check is everytning ok with them.

Try to delete them and rebuild lights, maybe there is some difference with this black surface.

Also try to copy everything to another new map, one by one, and check build results.

How can I check deleted polygons?

Is there a quick option to move part of the level to another map or I should rebuild it manually?

Use geometry edit mode
Use world outliner

Well, I am 100% sure there is no BSP brush on the place. It isn’t shown in World Outliner. There are only 2 brushes as I had said before. you can see them here

Only if I managed to hide bsp brush somehow and it doesn’t shown in outliner and completely invisible and unclickable on the map.

Redbox, thank you for you help. I have found meshes which caused the issue.

Ok, great )