Static Directional Light without VLM

Hey there! :wave:

After suffering with it for a long time, I thought I’d try my luck here, maybe somebody knows a magic spell I couldn’t find. :magic_wand:

I have a Static Directional Light, and I don’t want it to affect VLM. That’s all. I’m even fine if I have to disable all indirect lighting for the light; I just want it to be statically baked, without touching the Volumetric Lightmap.

Q1. You can try setting IndirectLightingIntensity to 0
Tried, doesn’t affect VLM. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Q2. Why not using Stationary/Movable?
I don’t want any dynamic contribution, not dynamic shadows, nor dynamically lit primitives.

Q3. You can disable VLM by…
I want VLM from other light types; only want to stop the Directional Light from feeding it.

Q4. You can place large cubes to stop the light.
Yes, but that stops static light contribution too. I only would like to stop it from affecting VLM.

Q5. Why though?
I would like to stream a level outside the main area. I need all the exteriors to have black VLM, so that my streamed interior level won’t be lit all around by the directional light’s VLM contribution.

Q6. You can alter the VLM programmatically/manually by…
By doing what? Please tell me! If it’s possible from a game module (without engine modifications), I’d be open to this solution too! :grin:

If you know how to get around this nightmare, I swear, whenever we’re in the same city, I’ll buy you a beer :beer:. Or two. Or a six-pack. Or whatever you reasonably want. :smile:

I’m not sure where you’re trying to set this, but it does work. Both for the “Indirect Lighting Intensity” setting in the directional light, and the setting in the post process volume (though I do not recommend this, as it removes all indirect lighting including in surface lightmaps and from all lights)

Nevermind, I see what you mean. Indirect lighting intensity does remove indirect light from the VLM, but it doesn’t remove direct light when the light is set to static… I suspect you may need to modify the engine in order to accomplish this, but I’m not sure how.