Static attach physics constraint?

I was using “attach to component” to attach a static mesh to a character skeletal mesh, but the only way I could get it to work was to disable collision. I want the attached static mesh to act as an extension of the character’s mesh rather than to collide. Physics constraints sounded like they were made to do this. Unfortunately constraints don’t have something equivalent to “snap to target” for position/rotation/scale and i can’t get “Set constraint reference position” to work.

Therefore I have two questions: How does “Set Constraint Reference Position” work or what is the best way to locate a static mesh to the position of a bone in a skeletal mesh? Is there a way to get around physics constraints not being able to attach static components together or is there a way to use “attach to component” that won’t cause collision problems?

I managed to get the desired implementation working, by adding custom object types for each object, that I want to have special interactions with the static meshes that I am attaching to the player’s skeletal mesh.

(However this interaction seems fairly janky, as the “attachable to player” static mesh moves around in the hand of the player’s skeletal mesh, so I am purposefully not making this the accepted answer)

In my case that is 3 object types, one for the “attachable to player” static meshes, one for the skeletal mesh of the player, and one for the spherical mesh I am using as a trigger field/volume for detecting the player’s proximity to the “attachable to player” static meshes.