Static array index access

TArray tArray[100];

void WantAdd_the_Index(int _idx, AActor* _pActor)


(*tArray)[_idx] = _pActor;


if idx 0, fine

idx 0 = Empty and,

but add Array upper 0 index, Create Error


  1. (*tArray)[0] = NULL

  2. (*tArray)[1] = _pActor;

how can i add index array?

I’m guessing some of your code got eaten by our parser, and that your first line was actually this?

TArray<AActor*> tArray[100];

You do realise that’s creating a static array of 100 dynamic arrays… right?

If you wanted a static array of 100 actor pointers, you should have done this.

AActor* tArray[100];

If you wanted to use a dynamic array, but resize it to hold 100 entries, then you should have done this.

TArray<AActor*> tArray;
tArray.SetNum(100); // or SetNumZeroed to null all the pointers in the array

if i use AActor* tArray[100];

althougth i call tArray[2] = _pActor,

but tArray[2] is stll NULL

< premise : tArray[0],tArray[1] is not insert >