static and dynamic rendering Problem on Mobile

Hi all,
I have a Problem:

under ‘Counters’ you can see that I have no visible static meshes, but 43 visible dynamic primitives!
But I set all Meshes to static and all Point Lights to static too.

So my Question is:
Why is this so and how can I turn them to static?

Here are some of my Settings:


Here you can see my Mobile rendering settings

I have set up every mesh like shown on the image above

Thanks for any reply,

Hi TJ,

There’s likely something in your scene that is still not quite setup correct. Do you have a test scene that can reproduce this problem you have here. I think it’d be easier to take a look and give you some feedback.

Checking this in a scene that I already had as a test use didn’t show this problem. It’s likely something simple like you have the actors in a Blueprint that has it’s mobility set to movable even though the static mesh components are set to static. That’s just one possibility I can think of off hand.


First of all, thanks for your answer!
Well, I have another Level and there isn’t the problem. Maybe I really have set up something wrong in the first one…

Another thing I noticed in the first Level:
When I start the Game in Viewport (Quality Level is ES2), the counter for visible static meshes goes from around 30 down to 0 in less than 5 seconds and the visible dynamic primitives number increases!
I don’t know why. But the performance seems to be the same like in the other level.

If it’s only happening in this level and not the other that’s not really something I can reproduce on my end or test without a sample project to see if I can see what’s going on. If you want to post one or shoot me a link privately on the forums that’s up to you. If you’re not seeing any performance issues currently and it performs as you need like the other level then it could be okay to revisit once you are further along with development and need to just do more optimization passes.