State of Vive and Oculus CV1 support

Hi VR-Community,

to all those lucky enough to have their hands on the new hardware already.

Could you please post your hardware, SDK and UE4 version, if it works and if you had any troubles to get it to work?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Both Vive and DK2 were working fine with SDK 0.8 . Updated to 1.3 and Rift is no longer supported in 4.10 / 4.11 preview 8 . (+haven’t tested vive)

Worth updating for Farlands though - need to go check on my Giffles ;-p

UE4 works with 1.3/CV1, but you have to use the Oculus VR branch as described in this thread

Im using UE4.11 with a Vive, however im sad i still cant get detailed controler haptics control
The blueprints seem to be in there to set amplitude/frequency but they dont work, for now i have to rely on the generic “rumble” forcefeedback node, that only allows for intensity instead of the fine control of the haptic trackpad.

The haptics implementation is from oculus and for Touch only afaik. If you want more granular control over Vive then you should create a library of force feedback effects with proper duration (5ms for a single tap if I remember correctly) or use dynamic force feedback blueprint functions with similar parameters. Not the most elegant solution, but should get you by.

Oculus 1.3 support should come with 4.11.1. If you need it sooner build the engine from source.

Using UE4.10.4 and UE4.11.0 with CV1 - latest drivers/firmware/etc. everything as of right now. No joy just having Oculus turned on, but I can get it to work by enabling the UE4 SteamVR plugin. I did have to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ in the Oculus General settings though.

As mentioned above, I imagine native support is coming for 4.11.1.