State of the art scatter system possible with blueprint/plugin?

I’m looking at a little higher poly assets that I will ultimately instance in dense populated scenes consisting of natural elements (greens/rocks/leaves/branches/weeds/etc).

I’ve thought about how one might build a pretty exceptional scatter system using blueprint or otherwise an editor plugin.

I want to achieve this effect or close enough to it:

I’ve seen some pretty gorgeous outdoor work happening in the community however I really want to contribute and raise the bar. Foliage geometry commonly feels paper thin and geometrically coarse. With some r&d into how fleshier assets can be rendered (instanced) in large amounts I can probably begin exploring a high-level object scatter system.

Does anyone have any insight into existing work in this direction? Some examples perhaps to get this big ball rolling?


You should check out the new biome/foliage system coming up in the next releases.

Iirc there is an early version in the current master branch.

If you mean ‘scattering’ to mean intelligent placement of a large number of foliage assets, you could certainly implement this kind of thing in Blueprint. How long that would take you would of course be defined by how complex you make such a system :wink: