Stat StartFile Not Saving

I have had a persistent problem with our VR project when trying to use the ‘stat startfile’ command. We have two different game modes, one is a wave defense mode and the other is a competitive arena style Hardpoint mode. In both cases we use the ‘Create Session’ blueprint node to start the game (even if we are playing it solo). After this point, players are loaded into a ‘Transition Level’ where they wait for any other players to join the session. In a single player session, the player only remains in this transition for a brief period of time while the level loads while in a multiplayer game they wait for the other players to connect before loading the level.

In Hardpoint, we are able to use ‘stat startfile’ as intended allowing us to choose specifically when to use the command to profile a particular point in the game where we encounter a performance decrease. However, in the wave defense mode we are unable to use the ‘stat startfile’ as intended. The only way that the command saves a ue4stats file is if we enter the command in the ‘Transition Level,’ prior to loading the gameplay level. This means that if there is a particular part of the game that is performing poorly, we have no way of profiling that specific part of the game. It also skews our average frame time since we get a huge spike while loading into the level.

If anyone has any thoughts on what could be causing this to happen, we would greatly appreciate it.