stat starfile and stopfile doesn't works in Oculus Quest

When you are developing to plain Android app (not Gear VR or Oculus Quest) you can execute the commands:

stat starfile
stat stopfile

But when develop to Oculus Quest, executing this commands by ExecuteCommand Blueprint Node (because it’s impossible to touch with four finger in the screen) and reading the log, the command doesn’t recognized.

Any sugestion or approach to get profiling files of Oculus Quest app?
Thanks in advance


I haven’t tried it yet personally, but I see a “Record all captured metrics to csv files” in the OVR Metrics tool.

Thanks for reply,

The metrics that generate are too far compared with default ue data, so it’s not very usefull.
For example, I need to see the milliseconds and all that data that you can see in Unreal Profiling