Stat fps broken in vr?

I made a blueprint that maps a keyboard key to launch the console command “stat fps”. When I press the key in normal monitor mode it shows the fps and latency on screen as expected.
But if I run the same thing in Oculus Rift mode the app freezes and I have to kill it from the task manager.
Anyone else experienced this?

works fine here! I use that and shortcut keys to enable/disable VSync for true FPS reading (tests only). So the command itself works fine, something else is off.

Must be a local problem with my setup then. Thanks for your input.

Are you using the latest oculus SDK/Runtime on your system?

several commands lock up the rift. Some you can alt-enter twice to reset and fix other you have to restart. If you add something to your level blueprint and do it on start it will often fix the issue. Make sure your not calling many of the graphics settings on the same command as they will mess things up.