Stat engine. Why i have more FPS in worst scenario?

Hi guys

Im testing some basic scene. All objects in scene have 1 material. There’s no any textures in material. Meshes doesnt have any LODs.
If i walk in scene (inside the house, as example) i have approx:
120к static mesh triangles, ~115 fps

If i fly away i have approx:
500k static mesh triangles, ~140 fps

More triangles gives more fps? :slight_smile: So how to correctly interpret **stat engine **values and doest **stat fps **showing correct results?

Lighting, shadows, all manner of other things can have a noticeable effect on performance. It’s rarely triangle count alone that causes frame rate issues.

Without any other context it’s impossible to determine the cause of your issues.

When you move camera far away, distant objects might be culled by other objects, also even with same material, the textures are mip mapped (scaled down to the next lower power of two size) which also increases performance.

So even if the triangle count size does not increase, being you moving camera far away and not showing any additional mesh, you might notice the performance increase as mipping takes place.

I guess fps raising are because of shadows, cause all light are dynamic. I was just not expecting so difference. And again it looks like UE4 handle triangles just perfect! :slight_smile:

Yes, shadows do contribute indeed.