STAT command not showing up


no idea if this is the right section but I have encountered a simple problem.
The STAT command is doing nothing in my viewport and I’ve wasted like two hours to get this output to be shown.

Is there something missing in the Docs/Guides/Tutorials sections?

Even the comand prompt isn’t doing nothing. Is there something I am missing?

Have you tried it from the console?

For example, hit the backtick key ( ` ) and type ‘stat fps’ ( without the quotes ).

Hello sorry for the late response.

Yes I tried to type it into the console. Its the small command line under the Output log called “Cmd”?

Well, today its working… I have no idea why it`s working now. On monday I restarted the editor and the PC several times without any effect.

Thanky anyway.

It’s not showing up here either, but does work if I type in e.g ‘stat unit’… but while I type that in the list of available commands goes down to 0, but apparently still works. Weird.