Startup Movies in VR?

Is there a way to display Startup Movies in a VR HMD?

Example Scenario: User has a Vive HMD on, browsing through SteamVR home, selects and launches app. Currently, they would see Steam’s default “loading room” in VR and the startup movies display on the user’s monitor (not visible in the HMD).

In PSVR, when launching an app with the HMD on, Startup Movies are displayed in “cinematic 2d” by default. They are played on a flat plane in PSVR’s default loading room. I’d like to do the same in Steam.

I’d rather not create my own “startup room” in Unreal and run the movies on a card there, as this would require the engine/game to be loaded first. My understanding of the Startup Movies are that they’re partially meant to be played to cover game load times.

Any help is appreciated!