StartMovieCapture Not Recognized in editor

Cmd: StartMovieCapture
Command not recognized: StartMovieCapture

We’ve used this command in a past build of Unreal Engine and want to utilize it again. When typing the command it is a suggested option but when we try to execute it the Output Log reports the command is not recognized…


Hi jplanders,

I’m not sure what your intended use case is but the startmoviecapture was a workflow that was used with matinee. Here is our new method of setting up and recording gameplay in the editor. It utilizes sequencer which allows a lot more options and flexibility.

If that doesn’t suit your needs let me know and I’ll look further into this.


In UE 4.8 I was able to make a custom engine that leveraged the AVIWriter to record gameplay and produce a video.

Basically we made an app that would allow someone to customize a building and click render. We would have a camera fly through the building and then use ffmpeg to compress the video and mux in audio. The resulting video would be provided to clients.

This was all done in a shipping build (not in editor).

I don’t think I’m going to be able to use Sequencer for this.

Hi jplanders,

StartMovieCapture may no longer a relevant console command since we are deprecating Matinee. You could use “Sequence Recorder”, which you can find under Window>Sequence Recorder. This allows you to record gameplay and then playback/render that gameplay through Sequencer.

Sequencer looks like it would record from the editor a lot like matinee did, the issue I ran into was recording from a packaged game with that. The sequencer docs don’t seem to cover rendering very much. Is it possible to render out a video or image sequence in sequencer from a packaged product?

What does the sequencer make to start rendering in the editor? I may be able to hack around if I can find the code it is accessing.

I did some digging, asked some questions, and entered UE-41240. Oddly enough, STARTMOVIECAPTURE still works in a multiplayer game as the code appears to live in the EditorServer code. for reporting this.

StopMovieCapture has the same issue.

Please don’t remove this further, it’d be awesome if it was added back into the single player code. We have a couple of projects that are very dependent on this command.

But we don’t want to use it in the editor, but in a package game. And sequencer seems to work only from Editor, where startmoviecapture works from the runtime anytime.

Hi. Did you manage to find a solution?, specially for Android, to record a small clip ingame (not editor)