Starting on Unreal Particle System - (Explosion - Smokes etc)


So, I’m a beginner in Unreal and I don’t know much. I tried to make a few particles systems but its definitely not easy, and very confusing as well. I would appreciate if some members could help me out. Ah, and I’m trying to make everything from scratch, so I’m not using any assets for it. So, I’m doing the particle from 0.

What I’m trying to do is:

1 - I made a weapon that shoots projectiles with damage and everything. But, I’m trying to add a little smoke everytime I fire a shot. I’m trying to make it directly in the Animation sequence so avoiding any type of direct programming with the Particles. I was able to create it, and apply it to the animation notifies, but, it’s lasting too much. I already disable the loop on the Cascade Emitter - Required, still, one second is a little too long for that smoke, and shooting on sequence it’s to much smoke. I’m also trying to lower down the standard particles quantities and the time as well. Doing to particles in the animation it seems that the spawn point also gets confusing, how can I set a position for the particles in it which will move along with the player?

2 - I also want to make some little dust, like when you walk and step on the ground a little dust comes around of your foot? Is it possible to use the smoke to make this?

3 - Probably this is the hardest one. I already tried to find tutorials and etc, but they use some “already done” assets, which I don’t want to use them. I want to make the explosion from scratch. I will also try to link it directly with the animation so I can avoid the programming, but, in this case, is it possible? The idea is a grenade launcher that will trigger the explosion on an impact of the projectile.

Thank you very much for the attention. And sorry for the bad grammar.