Starting network replication after Session Join

I have a blueprint that has a Join and a Host button.

The Host button does a CreateSession and on success, OpenLevel’s our main level map and removes the menus. So that is fine.

The Join button finds session, and then does a JoinSession which succedes. I also print the session name and it is the gamer tag of the player that Host’d.

After the join I OpenLevel and remove the menus.

We want to be running a server and have players join and leave at any time.

Neither Host nor Client see each others changes. I have cubes that are network replicated.

If I run the main level with the cubes in the editor with 2 players the replication is fine. Each player can see the other and if either push the cubes both see them moce.

But when run in a seperate exe’s on seperate machines nothing is replicated.

What am I missing here?

Blueprint left and right halves: