Starting Music perfectly in Sync with what happens in the level


I’m making a VR visual music project in UE4, and I’ve seperated the different parts of the tracks in different levels. The problem is that I need the music to be perfectly in sync with what happens in the level, because all the animations are made with that in mind. Right now I’ve placed a Sound Cue that plays automatically in every evel, I tried playing it from the level blueprints but it makes no difference.

So in short, when I open a level, I want the music, that starts when the level opens, in sync with animations or media players that also start when the level is opened.
Is there a way I can archieve this?

Thanks in advance!!

I have this problem too! I tried playing the music when the player hits a volume in the level, but it still isn’t always synced. I hope someone finds a solution!