Starting Architectural Renderings

Hi, I’m looking for some information on how to start doing renderings of my buildings.

Some questions:

  1. I work in both Revit and SketchUp - can I import either of these model types into UE4? And with these can I do interior walk-throughs of the building, or will it just be an exterior shots? I’d like to do both, as I’ve seen others do.

  2. Can you build your 3D model in UE4, or is it strictly a means to apply materials and render? (from an architectural standpoint I mean). And how do materials work in UE4 - do you apply your materials in your modelling program or in UE4?

  3. Are there any tutorials on how to get started with specifically doing architectural work, and not just UE4 general basics?

Thanks in advance

  1. Anything that can export to FBX should be good, or else theres any internal incompatibilities. I think you can do both
  2. You can’t really do meshes in UE4, only simple shapes using BSP at most. Meterials are is graph form of HLSL shader scripts, you apply it in UE4 i don’t think you can import materials
  3. UE4 was not really made for architectural work, it’s primarily engine for a game, so you might have problems searching for architectural tutorials, but level building tutorials might give you a basics. I recommend to check out Architectural Visualization forum section, you might find something there, definitely you will find people that do architectural stuff in UE4:

Hey , thanks for your answers, I appreciate it. That helps a lot.

I’m going to take a look over at AV like you said and hopefully get some more in-depth answers.

Thanks again