Starter materials don't scale properly in 3rd person template?

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Unreal Engine 4.7.6, 3rd person code template

If I just drag and drop a starter content material onto the floor or other object, the material (i.e. concrete tile) comes out huge instead of proportional.

I’m following an official tutorial on youtube (Unreal Engine 4 Programming Tutorials) and it appears that this is incorrect. In the tutorial, no adjustments are made to the material or any other setting.

So what do I have out of whack?

So you use the same mesh/object for the ground as in the tutorials?
To fix that problem you just have to change the size in your material -> texture coordinate node :slight_smile:

Glad I’m not the only one! I’m also following this tutorial, and encountered the same issue. Everywhere I’ve gone, the answer seems to be “just tweak THE TexCoords node”. Okay, in theory I get this. What I’m not clear on is how the texture coordinates and UV transformation on the material apply to, say, a brush that is included with the 3d Shooter Template. I know I can create my own models, including exporting a UV map for texturing… which can then have some transformations applied when the texture maps are applied (at least in Blender). Is there any good documentation that explains the relationship between a material output and how it maps to the final geometry? I would think there would be a setting on the geometry that can affect the material offset and scaling, rather than the material itself. Also, with respect to the tutorial, the “M_Concrete_Tiles” material is used. Attached is a screenshot of the material graph showing 5 different TexCoord nodes. If this were a material whose UV mapping would need to be changed based on the geometry it’s applied to, then why not promote the applicable TexCoords nodes to a variable that can be adjusted when the material is applied? (If that’s even possible)