Starter content not visible in Content Drawer

Hey all

Firstly I’m a complete noob … as in I open Unreal this morning - so if I break etiquette in anyway a thousand apologies! Just let me know and I’ll improve

I’m reading through guides on getting started and wanted to use the ‘Starter Content’ when setting up a new project, so I checked the box and created a new project

All seems to work, I mean I have the assets I think but they are not visible in Content Draw, as if there’s hidden folders somehow?

I’ve attached a screenshot - left is Unity and right is my file explorer … I wanted to double check that my file explorer was looking in the correct location so in Unity I copied the ‘Architecture’ folder which is the only one showing and named the new file ‘ArchitectureTest’ and sure enough that showed up in my file explorer on the right so it is the same location but Unity and file explorer are showing different things

Hopefully that’s clear, let me know if you need more information - Unity is saved to my C drive, and my projects are saved to a media server Z drive … maybe that’s the issue, I’ll run the proceedure again creating and saving the new project to C and see what happens