Start up Movies in VR

So we are currently working on getting our VR game onto the PSVR kits and noticed that loading times are quite a bit longer. I’ve added a loading movie to the project and it all works fine and stops when the game loads e.c.t, however, the video playback through the headset is just wrong. The same issues happen when we have a loading movie showing between level transitions.

Is there a way to best show loading movies on a VR headset, perhaps not having it show in the stereo view, or somehow play a movie as stereo? We can’t use a 3D widget, especially for the initial start up movie, as that is being played while the game is initially loading.

Suggestion not tried yet though…

Make a side by side stereo video as your Startup Movie… or the in-between movie for level load etc… you can grab something off Youtube and test to start…

You also might want to try, if the movie is just a filler and non-specific or holds game images / landscape etc, to use level Streaming and just have a camera show a piece of scenery (it will be in stereo of course, and you’ll have full rotation pov) while waiting for other levels to load then ya could use timer etc to posses player etc. Not fully awake but saying stuff anyway… might help…

you could also try experimenting with 2D 360 image sequence / video and wrap in a sphere and place camera inside maybe and see if that has some effect like being able to rotate while viewing, wont be 3D but will be each eye, and 360… and you could still look around… ( but that is bound to get laggy)

ok let me know if ya try any of those goofy ideas… Ive been thinking bout this 2 for some time.

I think i am gonna go with side by side video for stereo playback and not worry bout 360 movement.

ok Pots4… hope that does something to trigger ideas.

The best solution (for me) was to use level streaming… the first “level” just had the loading video projected onto a simple piece of geometry creating a virtual screen. This was the most comfortable and fairly trivial to implement.

Thanks for the pointers, I’ll look into using a stereo video and see if that helps. The level streaming isn’t really an option, as there are a few other things being loaded such as menu assets and character customisations which seem to take a lot longer on the PS4, so I need something to cover the black screen that is currently showing when loading them and the start-up movie seems to do that well.

EDIT: So I swiped a video from youtube to do a test a got it working after some tinkering with the Engine. It seemed to play relatively well in the headset. The change I had to make was PS4 specific and was due to the memory allocation for the video not working. I had to set a max alignment for the Allocate function in the PS4MovieStreamer.cpp (Alignment = FMath::Max(Alignment, (uint32_t)8);). Just thought I’d add that just in case someone runs into a similar problem.

wow nice… so did you achieve 360 movement or just get stereo with what you changed? scratch that, just saw link, its a stereo only… ok.

I’m using GearVR so details wont help me I’m guessing but to hear that is real nice. I wonder how hard it would be to hook in 360 stereo startup across HMD’s I bet theres a blueprint way… there’s got to be a way to get this working.

Would really like to see both Studdarts and your test’s on vid.