Start Level Streaming An Already Existing Level?

I’ve been working on a project for quite some time now, however, I’ve ran into a problem with annoying freezes anytime I move a BSP (I know I shouldn’t use them, I’m just addicted) a common solution I’ve been seeing is to use Level Streaming, While I’ve been looking up videos on what it is, or how to do it, I’m not sure how to add already existing things into it, rather than completely remaking it, if you even can do that.

TLDR: Can I use parts of my already existing map into Level Streaming, without having to remake everything?

An example would be, I have several rooms already fully furnished and designed.

It’s a cinch to move over to level streaming, but do make sure you understand what’s really going on before editing otherwise you could end up moving things between levels and so on.

All you need to start streaming, is to make a totally empty level ( black ), and add your other levels as streaming levels using the ‘levels’ window.

By default, all these sublevels ( your original levels ), will be loaded, so everything will be there at once. If you want to control the way this happens, you either need to look at using blueprints or volumes to decide when to load and unload the levels.

PS: Your original levels will remain intact. But, you can also access them from the persistent level.