Stargate Blueprint

A few days ago i was looking for a small Blueprint project to train my Unreal skills.
At the same time, someone asked for advice on animating a Stargate (Need advice on Animating the Stargate - Character & Animation - Epic Developer Community Forums)

So i did it. It´s not complicated, but includes tasks like move and rotate meshes, play sounds, activate special effects,
use timelines and change materials at runtime. There is an input adress, which affects these effects and change their length (including sounds and so on).

Here is a video of the result

Maybe some people find this Blueprint useful for learning purpose.

Here it is

Have fun!

That looks pretty cool…

very cool! great work

As a big fan of Stargate i can only say it is absolutely fantastic!

Only one thing is missing, the symbols on DHD are not lighting!


Cool, but what’s on the other side?

sick job bro ,well done

What the… INCREDIBLE! I really wasn’t expecting a full activation on the stargate and I am really shocked about the quality on that animation! Looks impressive, well done!

Awesome work, this looks great!

Thanks for the comments. It was fun to build this.

@ZioYuri78: The DHD is a single mesh. I would need each key as a single mesh. Then we could call real adresses!

@KinDaKreator: Hmm, i have a working teleport blueprint. I could combine it with my Stargate… :slight_smile:

A functional Stargate. That was pretty awesome. You did a really good job.

Man, this looks and sounds spot on! I love the Stargate series, so this is amazing :smiley:

Are you using the garry’s mod models?, pretty cool.

That is very cool! Thank you for sharing it with us!

@EIREXE I do not use any content from garry’s mod. But i watched youtube videos showing garry’s mod to learn the activition sequence :slight_smile:

Indeed you don’t use Garry’s mod content. You’re using that of Stargate Resistance.

Are you sure about this?

We need to know because, while uploading a Stargate mesh made on one’s own here is fine, ripping meshes from games and uploading them (or uploading something someone else ripped) is not okay (the blueprints, sans meshes, would of course be fine either way).

@Mars007, mind clearing this up?

The Stargate mesh is released for free for educational purposes.

I should have written this clearly in the first post. Sorry for that.
As i´m no lawyer, i deleted the download.
Thanks for pointing this out, Liutwin.

Nevertheless everyone can download the mesh and reconstruct the Blueprint from the screenshot.

@Mars007, thanks bud :slight_smile:

You might check out for sharing the blueprint a bit easier.

hey could you PM me? i would appreciate it

No problem. I didn’t knew that these models were released for free.