Stargate Blueprint

No problem. I didn’t knew that these models were released for free.

Mind uploading a screenshot of the BP with better resolution? Can’t quite read the nodes,etc

There is also Speedy37 who is making a Stargate System on UE4:

But it’s mostly written in C++

hello i need help to make dhd and more

ya but he wont be letting us access his stuff to help our projects…he is kind of an *** when i talked to him

I uploaded the blueprint to
but it looks not good.

Better look at the 23 picuteres i made

The best solution would be the complete project. But after Liutwins post i fear it could be not legal.

nice effect.


I got the information via PM that the SGR devs did not permit the upload on tf3dm.
On the other hand, they did not report this to tf3dm :confused:

Maybe we will never know the full story.

Man that was an impressive video, enjoyed it a bunch!

As a die hard fan and lover/collector of all things Stargate, here’s a couple of things I noticed (you did a fantastic job!)

Internal ring spinning speed is a bit slow, 25% faster would be spot on.

The event horizon doesn’t need to spin, even though that’s a really cool effect! :cool:
Thankfully the actual one in the show is not expensive as an effect as it looks, it’s just an animated normal map on a transparent blue solid surface. :wink:

“Caustics” was the one thing I think you may have missed, but I’m really nitpicking here… lol.

In the show, the creators use a brilliant and super simple way to create the “shimmer” (caustics reflection) on the actors and scenery around the Stargate, they wrap cardboard in aluminium foil that has been ruffled up, shine a bright spotlight onto it and wobble it around off-camera, aimed at the actors :smiley:
I was thinking how you could do this in UE4… Maybe an animated wobbly projector spotlight with an alpha mask of some caustics? (link:

This is a pretty murky subject… If memory serves me, Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment went into receivership in 2010, and then in late 2011 MGM pulled the plug on all things Stargate, including the much anticipated Stargate: Worlds MMORPG.

I guess the assets in SGR are technically property of Dark Comet Games and/or FireSky, but even that is a bit murky, because it fell under MGM as it’s IP of theirs, and they are super tight about it from what I’ve seen and read.

That’s probably why it hasn’t been reported, and also, even if it is from SGR, I can pretty much say with certainty that Dark Comet didn’t create the actual asset, but own the rights to it by default in some way, that is of course, if MGM say so, lol.

Whoever the original creator was, they did an awesome job, and you have too Mars007, good call on removing the DL promptly, and thanks for posting the BP setup too :slight_smile:


As franktech already said - if every Stargate nut here pooled their resources, who knows - we might have something sweet really soon.

For me, loving SG meant learning both UE4 and Blender by creating the SGU gate. I never got anything working with the event horizon, but seeing this gives me hope I could get my gate in a somewhat decent shape. Thanks Mars007, you’re awesome!

You could just replace the models with a cube mesh, and leave the project with the BPs up :slight_smile:

That would be awesome…

After I learnt how to use Vue I couldn’t help myself but create as many Stargate things as possible in it lol… This was about 2006/2007 or so;


Pretty craptacular looking back but I was so proud of myself back then, learning new things is always exciting :slight_smile:

I’ve still got all the multi-pass renders from that too, god knows why I keep this stuff :rolleyes:

You keep it to remind you from where you came.

Also, because it looks pretty darn cool!

Looks awesome but I cannot read the nodes at that resolution :frowning:

If memory serves me as well, they are creating some new Stargate show (or at least talk of it has been tossed around) with the original creators of it (and SG-1 writers or something like that) coming together. Sadly however, Richard Dean Anderson (who played Jack O’Niell) says that he has not been contacted as to if they wished to have him or the others in it in any way but he says that he is open to it. As I was thinking, even if he kind of became what Don S. Davis (General Hammond)[SUP]1[/SUP] was to the series and that sort of a figure it would be the needed comical relief in the series and at least tie it all together so it is not fragmented and sort of ‘pass on’ the torch so to speak (although I would LOVE to see an SG-1 and/or Atlantis reboot!!).

Also, since it ended in 2008 (for SG-1) and 2010 (for Atlantis), the new show/reboot/whatever would have to be set in accordance to the change in time (8 and 6 years respectively as of writing this) to accommodate for obvious aging.

[SUP]1[/SUP]: Sadly, Don S. Davis is no longer with us as he passed away suddenly from a heart attack Sunday June 29[SUP]th[/SUP], 2008 and, due to that, obviously cannot be in any future shows and hiring someone to play ‘General Hammond’ and take the place would just be wrong and not sit right.

that is really cool

Anyone knows where to find the original project files?

Yes, I’m interested in the project files too.

Yes, Sadly the nodes are Unreadable at this resolution… Could you maybe make more screenshots… closer up maybe? Would be awesome. I am in the process of creating a working Universe-type Stargate… the spinning, teleporting and lights are already working. my Blueprint is a lot messier than yours. The only thing that is missing is the unstable vortex and the closing animation. I would be really greateful, If you could make close up, good readable, screenshots of these 2 particular sections.

Please check out my work so far and tell me what you think.

Notes to my project:

  • The gate only opens, if the address is correct (currently 3 gates are programmed)
  • the the Symbols that light up are the actual ones that you put in.

So enjoy and give me please a feedback.

(Unreal Engine Demo 03 02 2017 19 52 41 01 - YouTube)

@Mars007 Good Job … me try to rebuild the Blueprint but maybe u can make some more screens ? or any chance to share project for all ? :slight_smile: