Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Half the shots from that trailer weren’t in the movie–or they were changed. That’s what happens when you release a trailer a couple of weeks after you go into post production.

By the way, as far as why they could use the lightsaber—Finn had training with melee weapons as a stormtrooper and Rey had experience for years using her staff, having the Force also helps.

My main issue with the film is Starkiller base, which served little purpose and the depiction was immediately something you can’t believe—for example showing them able to see the planets destroyed in the sky from Takodana is impossible–they were in a different star system and the planet would have to be as close as our moon to be able to see it in the sky like that. Also, stars are usually light years away from each other–meaning that the beam at the fastest speed it could possibly go (the speed of light) would take years to reach its destination. Even if the beam was going into Hyperspace (nothing to indicate it was) it would have taken minutes to hours to reach another star system. Starkiller base would have also burned up considering how close it was to that star, and once the star was gone it would have frozen (everything would die).

Yeah, the Starkiller was pretty stupid and added nothing to the plot really.

As for trailers, most movie trailers now tend to be comprised of scenes shot specifically for the trailer, never intended to be shown in the movie.

I thought everything about Kylo Ren worked. He’s easily one of my favorite Star Wars characters.
What killed the movie for me was Starkiller Base. Despite just being another rehash of the Death Star, it caused the movie to have some real tonal issues when the weapon was fired. That scene and the ensuing calamity was made almost disturbing in the film, since we see the reaction of the people killed when they realize they’re about to die. It was such a jarring moment for me that it took me out of the movie and it was hard to get back into it.

I really enjoyed the first half though. And in a way, I’m glad that it was the way it was because with Episode VIII they’re going to have to throw around some fresh ideas and I think Rian Johnson will have a better sense of tone. I always felt like JJ Abrams was a very talented filmmaker but struggled to understand the IPs he worked on (just look at what he did with Star Trek).

I’ve watch it again and I noticed that I like a lot what I see but not too much what I listen to.
Story was kind of shallow this time, because it’s a stupid trend these days; but everything else was super good!

For a deeper view of story, gonna need to buy books…

I enjoyed the movie, but the fact that the starkiller have that stupid weak point, and that it have snow when it is so close to the star is really ugly

That’s another thing–when it sucked up the star it would have changed its mass and the gravity of the planet would have been massive at that point

I’d like to see Boba Fett and Lando Carlissian in Episode VIII.I thought Han Solo could die in Episode VIII or at least in Episode IX.I think Episode 8 will be remake of Episode 5,Episode 9 remake of Episode 6…episode 10,11 and 12 remake of star wars 1,2 and 3and george lucas will definitely turn over his grave then.

It’s a space fantasy, not science fiction. Leave the science and logic at the door please. :wink: <3

I know, it’s just that one of the things I was concerned about was whether Abrams would have anything in there that’s immediately unbelievable like in his other movies, and Starkiller base was it.

okok, :slight_smile: but come on, that weak point… I can understand the weak point on episode 4 just because of the time the movie was released, but this weak point “resolution”… seems a Power Ranger episode. The rest of the movie is great.

George Lucas wasn’t so rich to star Star Wars Episode 1,2 and 3 in 70’s and 80’s so he made sequels first.

Actually there was originally no intention of making Episodes 1-3; the idea was that starting at Episode 4 would make it seem more like an epic saga / space opera with an established history. In a way it kind of worked.