Star Wars: The Force Awakens

So. It’s happened!

My input:
I… did not enjoyed it. Main reasons: plot and story is badly copy-pasted from 5 and 6 episode. I rewatched 6 episode before watching 7 and and just 1:1. It has same story, but told with less logic and structure(Maybe with more passion though).
Empire has been destroyed - here, take this First order, which looks the same and built on Empire ideology.
Darth Vader has been killed - here, take this Kyle Ren, which looks the same and want to be new Darth vader.
Death star has been destroyed - here, take this Star killer, which looks the same and trying to accomplish same purpose as Death star.
Star killer has shields - here, send Han Solo to create a diversion to turn them off as he did in episode 6.

Also, take a guess who would win: 30-years old sith and former padawan of the Luke Skywalker with Skywalker blood or young scavenger with Skywalker blood who discovered Force just yesterday?

Jokes were good, picture was great and darn beautiful, but… This episode currently is the most high ranked episode of Star Wars, so, yeah =/

I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard a lot of people say it’s a remake of A New Hope. Which is disappointing. I sort of figured it would be based off of the poster and the trailer, but was hoping I was wrong. =(

I loved it, but agree completely on what’s been said about it looking like a remake of the older movies, not a sequel.

I hope the next one isn’t about training a Jedi in a remote place so that (s)he can fight a nemesis, but the ending seems to indicate exactly that.

Rehash of old ideas / Nothing new:

A cynical reboot designed to hook new moviegoers & sell toys…
Emotionally it felt flat like watching Terminator-5 again!
J.J. Abrams is not the film genius they’d like us to believe!
Chris Nolan - [Inception] would have done a better job IMHO.

Are movies dead / dying? No, but the super-suits need to make films that better reflect now and stop looking backwards.
If the 70’s & 80’s had been all sequels, then Star Wars, Indiana Jones & The Godfather might not have been made.

Han Solo, what a great character… So why kill him off like he’s Sean Bean?!

I thought we will see Stormtroopers and Droids army like in previous star wars saga movies.


  1. Story was a remake but smooth editing and different elements made it an interesting opening to the Episode 7-9 Trilogy.

  2. First Order doesn’t make much sense but the mech and environment design post-Empire is very good.

3a. Kylo Ren… Cool voice though when he has the mask on, reminiscent of Bane in Batman.

3b. The actor playing Rey is already being billed as the “next awesome heroine/ s~x kitten”. I’m not quite buying that.

  1. Star Killer is kind of cool because it is like a planet with it’s own atmosphere! And it’s like Hoth!

  2. Yes, copy-paste.

  3. Jokes and acting were quite childish, but it’s Star Wars.

  4. Mecha fight scenes were awesome because it was in-atmosphere not space. Not easy to pull off.

  5. Phasma is a cool, dare I say, attractive, fembot. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.

Overall: 7/10. Not something I’d be crazy about (because I’m crazier about other stuff nowadays) but at least worth the ticket money.

I thought it would be much, much, worse than it was. Colour me surprised.

It’s a very good film, but it has a lot of problems - it does have a lot of similarities to A New Hope.

I feel that they did a reasonably good job with the initial world building, it’s a very Star Wars movie set in a very Star Wars universe, and there’s a fair amount of attention paid to the source material. Kylo Ren’s character drives the film and is quite well presented - he’s actually a character with conflict and motivation even if he’s greatly exaggerated (but isn’t that the point?) - he’s a moody, disturbed teenager with a lot of power and his over-the-top behaviour exemplifies this. It’s hard to pick out specific positives, but like I said before, overall it is a very good film.

My biggest issue with the film was how terrible Daisy Ridley’s acting was and how poorly written Rey is; amongst one of the worst characters in the series to date, which is annoying as she’s the lead (though mercifully doesn’t get too much screen time in reality) - I really hope she’s better presented in the next film, because I feel she could actually ruin it. Her character didn’t develop at all; for the most part she just didn’t have a character, she was a consistent plot device. Captain Phasma is equally awful but is basically a non-character with no significance at all so it doesn’t matter anyway. My second biggest irk was the CGI character (Maz Kanata), who’s so badly composited that it’s really, really jarring; the quality would have looked poor in the 90s, let alone now. What’s worse, is the character added very little to the plot and had absolutely no reason to be CGI at all.

Smaller nitpicks, I found some of the shaky-camera action scenes to be annoying and out of place; they’re suited for modern action films rather than Star Wars. The overly mobile camera in the first forty-five minutes or so was disorientating at times and a lot of the camera movement was superfluous to the point of detrimental. I also don’t get why they’d introduce the fact that a New Republic had formed with a new Senate, literally to blow it up only two minutes later and never mention it again. On a last note, I feel they should have let Finn die at the end, it would have made the ending much more bittersweet and poignant.

Overall though, it is a very good film. It’s in an entirely different league to the prequels, but it’s no Empire Strikes Back.

Doug Walker hates Jar Jar Binks.

Harrison Ford has been lobbying to have his character killed since the original trilogy.

But George Lucas don’t allow him to kill his own character.

I didn’t think it was that great of a movie… Thanks disney. Now there going to milk it till its dry!
And I’m still angry about the whole expanded universe thing!

Was the same movie, but without the realistic scenes. As I told friend even before watching the movie: this is disney now; forget about violent fight scenes like Anakin vs Obi Wan or Boba Fett’s dad losing his head… We will never again see stuff like that which would be normal in a real lightsaber fight.

This movie was just a stage for Disney to introduce one more of their most valuabe asset: another Disney Princess.
This is sad…

There’s only one trilogy, and you know which one.
If you love the original triology, then no matter how many sequels, remakes or whatever they make. It will never be at the same level.

Enjoyed the film but yeah disappointed with Mr Abrams for copying so much.

Also really enjoyed the lightsaber fights because they looked real and not just spins and jumps.

In Episode IV Princess Leia was a damsel in distress,but she kills Jabba the Hutt in Episode VI.In New Hope Anakin/Vader vs Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi we don’t have cruel fight between them.We saw just a destiny of Kenobi aka death.

I seen it on IMAX 70mm, let me just say, holy mother of god that film was gorgeous.

My point of view on this film is like this, as long as it’s better than the prequels, i’m happy with it, because at the end of the day it’s never going to be perfect and we can’t expect it to be so we should just accept it as it is.

I enjoyed it much more than 1, 2, 3 combined. It wasn’t perfect, but it was well paced and it didn’t bore you to sleep like 3, all in all it was okay, and thats all i can expect it to be at this point.

Tis a good point sir! (And Yes… It was Gorgeous.)

But I will say one thing, Even though the prequals were not as good as the originals… They weren’t bad movies! (Though I was highly disapointed with them…)

Yeah, this one is way better than the prequels imo.

I like the movie, the only thing I don’t like is Starkiller base–too many implausible things and also if they’re going to do a superweapon again then they have to have a really good reason, and they didn’t. That was one of the problems with the expanded universe, whenever they brought in a new superweapon they were always terrible.

I really liked the movie when I saw it. Visual effects were amazing, it was action packed, lots of joke references to old things, I liked most of the new characters, except for Snoke, who reminded me way too much of a mix between a burnt up Gollum and Azog from the Hobbit. The plot itself didn’t really excite me too much though. It felt like an introduction to the characters and the story, rather than an actual story that goes anywhere. I feel like I’ll like this one more or less depending on what they do with the other 2 movies. But I was really itching to see some more when it finished, so I can’t complain.