Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Whatever about the movie, what if Star Wars became a new type of X-Games Olympics.

Oh no, they were bad movies, particularly episodes 1 and 2.

I read an article a while ago that talked about a study Rotten Tomatoes did where they ranked each of the films from both trilogies based on original reviews. Surprisingly Episode 2 ranked higher than Empire Strikes Back, which I thought was everyone’s favorite. The overall best movie was Revenge Of The Sith, followed by A New Hope. Here’s a link to the article.

I’d argue that it’s indicative of how far critical standards have fallen, rather than by how well the prequels measure up to the original trilogy - indeed if you go by the Rotten Tomatoes metric, the new film is essentially the second coming of Christ in comparison, but we all know that’s not really true.

Critics used to be a lot harsher and didn’t buy into the hype (or indeed, may not have been bought financially either :confused: ), these days absolute garbage can get overwhelmingly positive reviews.

The current Rotten Tomatoes currently ranks them as follows (critic / audience):
A New Hope (94% / 96%)
The Empire Strikes Back (94% / 97%)
Return of the Jedi (80% / 95%)
Revenge of the Sith (79% / 65%)
Attack of the Clones (66% / 59%)
The Phantom Menace (56% / 60%)

I feel this is pretty reflective of how most people feel about the films, it’s certainly fairly reflective of my own opinion, though I’d place ESB somewhat above ANH rather than on parity.

By the way, Phantom Menace was actually rated much higher before the 3D rerelease a couple years ago which added a bunch of new negative reviews. It’s funny people don’t remember that the prequels reviewed pretty well when they first came out.

What you think about Blu-Ray Edition of Star Wars original trilogy?

It’s horrible. Full of ***** pointless CGI additions that add nothing to the films and are badly composited making them look out of place.

here’s some facts related(like Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4)to Star Wars 7 George Lucas reveals his idea for Star Wars: Episode VII was scrapped | GamesRadar+

But I do think they brought some great things to the franchise.

But then again… I might just be giving them an easy time for being star wars.

There’s one theory Jar Jar Binks is reincarnation of Darth Plagieous just like Professor Quirell from Harry Potter and the Sorcer’s of Stone.There’s theory that Cancellor Palpatine’s menthor(Darth Plegious?) is father of Anakin Skywalker.

It was ok but not aas good as the other star wars films, I also noticed simulation of the other two movies
I would buy it just to put in my starwars collection

I’m going to watch this movie in the cinema.

You guys are being way to hard on this film. There where only two real issues I saw and both of them involve Rey magically getting the force. Its the best movie I saw this year, although I think Guardians of the Galaxy was better, slightly, and it was much better then Avatar. To be honest its the same with the prequels. So many people look at every single flaw and delcare it a bad movie and worse then the originals(becuase of its few flaws). While at the same time ignoring the plot holes in the originals(most of which have been patched by comics or books after the event). Now is the Prequels equal to the originals… Debatable however if the originals where as nick picked as the prequels we would all hate star wars.(remember Star Wars grew in popularity alot after each Prequel film was released. Most people loved it and some still do, that is the sign of good film making)

However the originals are hardly a ten for story… Maybe not even an 8. Leia was a weak character(aka the princess from Mario), Han Solo and Ben carried the rest of the cast. You guys are pointing out that this new movie is the same as the originals in terms of story… Yes well I agree it is, but I also think it is overall, much better done then the originals.
-It has by far better action scenes.
-I relate to more characters in this one and I think overall they are less steorotypical.
Some of you state Rey is a bland character, yet in this one movie she has had more character progression then in any character in the originals.(in a single film)
kylo ren is by far the best villian in terms of character design from a single Star Wars film. Saying that he is a massive pu**y(i’m sorry darth vader really wasn’t that great of a villian tell the 2nd and it wasn’t until I saw the 3rd that I really cared about him)
-Music is the same, absolutly brilliant.
-It has so many fan nods its rediculas.(which btw I love) Even if you like the EU you should still see a few nods from the EA… hint… ‘BEN SOLO’… ‘EVIL SON OF SOLO’… ‘SUPER WEAPONS THAT CAN FIRE INTO HYPERSPACE’… ‘REVENS MASK’… i’m sure there are even more. (the knights of Ren remind me of the Lost Sith Tribe and Kotor sith combined)
-There are many plot holes, but so what? Its a fantasy childrens movie set in space… Not some simulation of real life and even the best films have many plot holes.

I heard George Lucas had different plans about Star Wars Episode VII Darth Plegious replacing Darth Revan,but roles began reversal when Lucas Arts is bought by Disney.I hope we see Harisson Ford in Indiana Jones V as Henry Jones Junior and Shia Le Bouf as Indiana Jones’s son.

I enjoyed the movie and will see it a couple times in theaters. I chose not to do a rewatch of Episodes 1 - 6 prior to seeing it, so it’s been maybe a year or two since I’ve seen them all in order. Since seeing episode 7, I started watching all the other movies in order. Once I finish I want to go see 7 again to see how I feel.

The first thing I want to say is it’s almost impossible to judge a single movie by itself. Episode 1 and Episode 4 are the only ones that can be reviewed as a single experience. They are self contained enough and don’t require too much of the other movies to be watched. I feel that while Episode 7 is a retelling of Episode 4, it isn’t self contained actually. It doesn’t work without the previous movies, and I don’t think we can see the whole picture yet, without seeing whats to come. This is very similar to Episode 2 - 3 and Episode 5 - 6. Those movies require each other to really work as a story arc. I think this new movie will require 8 and 9 to be complete and make everything fit. Is this a good decision? That’s debatable but I will reserve hope that is the case and when we see the whole picture it works together.

Here is a few quick thoughts of the series:

Strongest part of the new movie for me.

Chemistry between characters I like a lot. The use of practical effects and real sets allowed the actors to actually interact with each other naturally and realistic. The millennium Falcon chase on Jakku was amazing because it felt like Rey had to actually reach up over the flight controls to actually hit buttons. Then her and Finn running around in the ship felt like they were there and had real sense of where they needed to run and move around each other. Their acting together felt like they could actually play off each other and in their eyes you could see they were actually talking to another. This is the thing that makes Episode 4,5,6 to me very special, a sci fi movie with real human chemistry. Han solo and Luke felt like they are actually doing full takes and playing off each other. Episode 1,2,3 this is the biggest thing missing to me. You can see all the cut’s and chopped together scenes of characters interacting with each other. It felt like they did numerous takes and picked and pieced together the elements that told the story, at the cost of the chemistry of two actors playing off each other. A lot of Anakin and Obiwan dialogue feels cut from multiple takes and never really captured them playing off each other in a real setting. I also think the dialogue is a little too proper. All the “My Masters” and “From my Point of View” in episode 3 between Anakin and Obi Wan did not feel like natural dialogue in the moments that are fueled by passion.

Weakest part of the new movie for me.

General Leia and her acting. To me she looked like she was reading cue cards behind the heads of whoever she was talking to. Sorry, I just did not feel any connection from her.

The two big CG characters (Snoke and Maz). Not because they were CG though. But because they were so basic and unremarkable in their designs.

Sense of scale/diversity of the planets, aliens, and universe. Episodes 1,2,3 did a few things exceptionally well. First aliens (Minus Jar Jar) are really well thought out to me. While the CG doesn’t feel like the right fit for star wars, Rewatching the movies I realize just how much design went into Aliens and their ships. I’m a huge fan of the show Faceoff, and I love seeing creature design. I would love to see some of those CG aliens done in more practical puppet effects. I think that if that level of design went into real puppets it wouldn’t get such a knock. The technology of CG just doesn’t fit seamlessly into Starwars. But from Podracing to the Corusant chase scene to the epic space battle of episode 3, there is a sense of diversity and size. I felt like there was lots of visual things to digest and it felt like there was creatures from every crevice of the universe popping up. It made the universe feel huge and that you could explore it forever and find new things. Episode 4,5,6 had this feeling to, Like it took time to get from place to place. Episode 7 makes space seem small. It feels like everything is just a moment away. In addition the things that happen on the planets don’t make the planets seem big and expansive. Also, while there is a lot of background filler characters and practical creature effects seen in episode 7, there is no new creatures that stand out. BB-8 is the only new non-human that has staying power.

My thought on Rey’s Parents
So for me, Rey being all powerful is because of her bloodline to me. (I know it’s controversial, but I will just say what I think. I have only watched the movies and never read the old Expanded Universe stuff) While everyone is imagining Rey as Luke’s Daughter or Han/Leias Daughters. I am leaning towards her being Obi Wan’s Grandaugther and Lukes Daughter. Theory goes like this for me. At the end of Episode 3 Obiwan is told by Yoda he is to take Luke to Tatooine where he will be able to keep training Under Qui Gon Jin (Who is the first Jedi to be able to Force Ghost). Obi Wan seems like he is about 35 - 40 at this time. Luke is a new born baby and requires very little direct care from Obiwan until he comes to age. I predict Obiwan spends time going to Mos Eisly and mingles with other people the first years on Tatooine, and he may falter off course a little. This explains why he knows to go to Mos Eisley and how to handle himself with all the seedy people at the tavern in episode 4. So when he arrives to Tatooine he is not in good shape. First off he is kinda responsible for the whole empire taking over, he just had to kill his “brother/padawan”. All of his friends and all of the younglings were massacred because of his Padawan. His padawan that was suppose to balance the force went evil. The universe doesn’t make sense to him. So he meets someone to be there for him and has at the very least a few flings, no attachment - but just some indulgence. But over time he breaks it off and get’s himself back on the path of light. Unbeknownst to him one of those flings with a space traveling female results in a baby. This baby shows signs of the force, so her mother hides her away and doesn’t let the empire find her. (Or some other space opera thing, like she gets abandoned or kidnapped). The baby would then be about 5 - 10 years younger than Luke. So they both grow older, and when Luke stops the Empire in Episode 6, she comes out from hiding searching for others like her. She hears about Luke and finds him out. Luke is like 35 - 40 and she would be about 25 - 35 when they meet (5 - 10 years younger). Luke and Her have Rey which connects the Bloodlines of Kenobi and Skywalker. Since this is Starwars and everything is so coincidentally tied to these bloodlines, Rey becomes an uber Jedi from two pure Jedi bloodlines. She has the calm of Kenobi and the power of Skywalker. When she is very young Luke takes on Kylo Ren who is about 10 years older then Rey. Kylo Ren as a kid then could know about Rey And this is why Kylo Ren hates her, and more importantly Han Solo so much. Solo isn’t a Jedi bloodline and has limited the potential of what Kylo Ren can be. In addition it lets the story have Kylo Ren turning on Luke and Killing Rey’s mom as the reason for Luke going into hiding and sending Rey off to be hidden from Ren. This explains why Kylo Ren hates hearing about Rey. But when he see’s how powerful she is becoming, he thinks that if he trains her he can wield her as his own power. I think the next movie will reveal a lot of this and this will make Kylo Ren’s obssesion and hate so much more meaningful to me.

Anyways, I am sure there are a lot of holes to that theory. But I think it would poetically tie all the movies together and make the moments in episodes 1,2, and 3 that much more emotional.

Mind Blowing fan theories from IGN perspective Luke was intended to be woman,Han Solo being former Jedi knight and even Indiana Jones as Han Solo.

That doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not my stuff sorry.Ask IGN and George Lucas not me.

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watched it today, first 3d film in a cinema, didn’t enjoy it that much due to the camera stuff, shame that after all these years where Lucas Arts kept the story line consistant, disney come in and change it, i mean where is Mara Jade !!!
oh and Luke all of what 1 min !!!

we’ll see where it goes from here but atm i perfer watching StarWars Rebels