Star Wars - Mos Espa Environment

Hey guys,

I decided to start a personal project a few days ago and thought it would fun to post up my progress and keep track of it from start to finish. Here are a few of the target images:




Here is progress from the past 2 days:






I love it!
I think your normals are much rougher compared to the original ones.

Ah yeah I see what you’re saying. I’m still not 100% happy with the textures at the moment. I think I found some better plastery textures which I’m gonna use later when I make a refinement pass. Thanks for the heads up!!

Love it! Looking really good so far. I’m a big Star Wars fan.

Nice! Tatooine is one of my favorite SW planets, can’t wait to see this finished. Keep it up. =)

This looks great, but I think you need to get the textures a little browner.

ooh nice, how are you unwrapping the assets? Are you using seamless textures?

Update 2:

Added 2 buildings and made a second pass at textures/vertex paint. Still need to fix some UV issues. Did a production build with higher lightmass settings and it fixes some of the artifacts. The images do not reflect the better quality lightmass changes.




Going to make another pass soon and fix some of the coloring issues in the texture. The original colors of the texture on the Mos Espa reference seems to be pretty similar in value and not as contrasty as what I currently have.

Looking good. :slight_smile:

Why the doors are all closed like that?
You can make a hole in the geometry right there and check 2 sided for materials.

Awesome! Looking forward to the final product :slight_smile:

Looking very good!

I relly love the fact you choose Star Wars as reference :smiley:

The reason for the doors is because i just haven’t got to them yet. That’s actually something I was going to make a pass at today.

Been a little busy the past 2 days. Heres some small progress. Made another pass at textures and getting some first pass doors/trim going. Blocked out another building too.





This is really awesome work, hope to see more.

Star Wars hype!

Textures are much better now. :slight_smile:
I notice a few smoothing group problems here and there.