Star Wars Mania - Docking Bay 94

So I am a HUGE Star Wars nerd like so many others, and I have wanted to do some Star Wars art for a long time, but just never seemed to find an appropriate time to dive into a Star Wars themed project. Well, with Force Awakens coming at the end of the year, and just general Star Wars Mania going on inside my head, I stopped playing Diablo 3 and World of Tanks on my lunch breaks and started doing something productive, i.e. started my first ever Star Wars project. So my goal is to build out the Mos Eisley Docking Bay 94, with the Falcon sitting in it and a small part of the surrounding city and make it all traversable with a 1st-person character.

I am doing this Pretty high resolution, on-screen poly counts will be right around 2 million give or take 100K or so. As long as I can keep the draw calls down, the poly counts don’t worry me too much, especially since I will be running the scene on a Titan Black, or maybe a Titan / Titan Black SLI combo if I want higher frame rate. SO everything is coming along, slower than I would like since I only get lunch breaks during the week to work on it, but it is progressing non-the-less. I am just hoping that my attention span holds up long enough to finish it. I am trying to have this done by the end of the year when the movie comes out. I will continue to post as progress continues. So far I have the Falcon, docking bay and the dockinf bay props modeled, and have some simple geo for the hallways and airlock rooms to get from ground level, down to the docking bay roughed out. Nothing has textures yet ( except a simple tiling map for the ground ) its just color and lighting so far.

Critiques are always welcome, thanks!

the Falcon looks awesome! keep up the good work

Love the AO on the falcon. All pre-baked? What size map is that?

Excuse me while I try and pick my jaw up from the floor…nope… nope, it’s not coming back up.
This is saaaweeeeet. Are you going to do the interior of the Falcon as well? Would be great for a VR demo :wink:

Great modeling work! When can we expect some nice PBR on top of that? :wink:

It somehow reminded me of LEGOs style at the close-up bottom view shots. Awesome hehe


That is actually stolen from the new battlefront 4. :smiley:

The second screen did the same to me! :smiley:

Thanks man! Yea, its all just static lights. The main sun light is the only one that is set to stationary. The Falcon is broken u pinto 51 separate meshes, each mesh is using a 512 res light map.

I think it’s more the other way around hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Pfft, what a hunk of junk! :cool:

Looks very good. Could be very well official footage.

This is coming along very nicely, keep it up! =)

MosEisley progress continues

Hey everyone! So it has been a while since I have posted anything, but work has progressed. I’ve got a couple of friends of mine helping out on the project now also, so things “SHOULD” progress more quickly now. I have finished modeling out the docking bay and it’s interior, all that is left is to build out a simple cockpit for the Falcon so you can see something through the cockpit glass. We are starting to get some of the city blocked out, and one of the guys working on this with me has started on the Cantina and he has a simple blockout version in so far. Next I will be starting on textures for the docking bay interior and the falcon while the others keep flushing out the city outside the docking bay.

Here are some videos showing our progress so far.

Part 1 ( surrounding city and Cantina blockouts ):

Part 2 ( the docking bay upper levels / storage room / control room / upper deck ):

Part 3 ( the docking bay lower levels / power room / observation lounge / ground level with the Falcon ):

And here are some still images for you all:

Very impressive - but all i keep thinking about is the Copyright monster

Mini Update 10-26-15

Hey everyone! Not a lot of new stuff to show, but I thought I would do a mini update as a couple more friends of mine are starting to get more stuff online for us, and one of the guys working on this with us has the honor of getting the first fully-textured asset into the environment, the Ubrikkian Speeder.



And another buddy helping out got his low-poly blockout for the Gonk Power Droid in.


And lastly, I got a basic cockpit model in for my Falcon. It’s pretty low-detail, but it should hold up good enough since you will never get too close to it.



Thanks everyone, more to come soon!!!

Great progress, can’t wait to see more. =)

Hey everyone!!! So it has been a while since my last update on this, I was trying to get one up last week, but with the holidays coming up life has gone to ludicrous speed! So progress continues on our Mos Eisley environment. I had a few paying jobs that derailed me from this, and I was out of town for a week also, but myself and the others working on this with me have been able to get some stuff in.

First off, I did a BIG revamp of the layout of the city. I wanted to get the stuff on the side that the Cantina is one to be more screen accurate to the movie. It’s not 100% accurate, but much more than what we had before, with a more accurate layout, and I built a bunch of those little half-dome buildings you see all over in the movie. Also one of my friends has been working on building out the big junk pile you see right next to the Cantina, so we have that in a block-out state. Also another colleague of mine has been building the iconic Moisture vaporator, and we have that in a block-out state and littered around the level. My buddy who was working on the Gonk Droid got textures on him, and we got that dropped into the level. I started messing with the terrain also. The materials are still a WIP, but it shows some promise, also got the terrain tesselation and displacement working. It’s a start, but still needs some TLC. There are lots of other props we have in a untextured state as well, a couple comm towers, some awnings, and a few other cool little things to start giving the space more life. There is MUCH more in the works currently also. We also have lofty goals of more large vehicles parked in the docking bays, so I added a third bay, hopefully we will actually be able to get to them!

Here are a bunch of images of what we have running in engine right now:



Also, in addition to all the city stuff going on, I got a start texturing the interior of the docking bay, still have A LOT to do, but it is a start:



Also, here is another video walk-through of our current progress:


Comments and critiques are always welcome, thanks everyone!

Cool, looking forward to more stuff!