Star Trek like transporter (beam) effect (with any objects...)


so I decided I want to make a transporter like in Star Trek. You move your character to a certain place and press the action key and you get beamed to another spot on the map.

Challenge 1: Should work with any object placed on the transporter platform (beam bombs/supplies/characters to the target)
Challenge 2: I’ve set up a character without material instances and I hope I don’t have to change all materials on my game objects either :]

I found tutorials for dissolve materials etc. and I think the beam effect could be made with these.

But: how would I apply it to any object. Or to a character with many materials for hair, eyes, skin, clothes, weapon, and so on.

Is that even possible without doing every material again with material instances? Could anybody point me to related tutorials or documentation?
Could some post process stuff be used?