Standing experience , need HELP

Hello guys, i got dk2 HMD (DiY) but without positional tracking camera and i need to create some standing experince with sdk 1.3+, so i tried this method that Mitch’s VR show in his tutorial (Mitch's VR Lab Ep07 - UE4 - Standing Experience Setup - YouTube) and it doesn’t work at all, even in his own scene (VRContentExamples). So have no idea what to do, don’t want come back to 0.8 sdk, 1.3 is much better and smoothier, and last versions of UE4 have no support for it, but i need standing experience. I need HELP guys :slight_smile:
P.s. how i understand Mitch’s method uses SetTracking Origin node that need pos tracking camera , thats why it doesn’t work for me , right ?

Anyway, found a solution . So if anyone is intersted here it is :
1 - Open your character’s blueprint, then go to the “viewport tab”, select the camera and uncheck “Lock to HMD”(some people are suggesting to uncheck “use pawn control rotation”, but if you do that the “forward direction” when moving will be fixed, no matter where you’re looking at, which is very uncomfortable, so keep it checked).

2 - The camera is probably behind de character’s capsule, and that is causing the weird rotation. Move it to 0,0 (X,Y), so that it’s pivot point (the lens) is exactly in the middle of the capsule.

3 - If your game is a sitting experience, set camera height (Z value) to the desired in-game height. Remember that Z=0 is already the capsule’s half height. So if you have a capsule half height of 90 and you set your camera’s Z to 0, the camera will be 90 cm from the ground. To make it 1,5 m, for example, set it’s Z to 60 (90+60=150). OR 4 - If your game is a standing experience, set camera height to ground level (which will be exactly the negative of the capsule’s half height), go to the “event graph” tab and create a “set tracking origin” node, and set it to “floor level”. This will read rift’s runtime pre-configured floor position (set during initial setup of sensor), so any user will have the camera at his/her correct height.