Standard approach for replicating 1st person character where player cannot see their own character?

Our 1st person game the player does not see their own character. What’s the standard way of replicating their character to other players who can see it?

Was thinking just make character invisible to the 1st person player and replicate that. Or is there some other way of doing it?

Player lose in game of CS?
I remember can set player controller id for actor / pawn / charactor

If you’re talking about hiding the character so that the owning player cannot see it, take a look at UPrimitiveComponent::SetOwnerNoSee(bool bNewOwnerNoSee) and UPrimitiveComponent::SetOnlyOwnerSee(bool bNewOnlyOwnerSee), they allow you to set whether or not the owning player (in the case of an ACharacter, this would be the player controlling the character) can see the mesh, and whether or not only the owning player can see the mesh respectively.

To see an example, check out:

That should work. Great thanks!