Standalone Game Mode

Hi, I would like to know if there is a way where I can set the UE4 editor to close when I run a map in standalone game mode.
Right now when I press the standalone game mode option from the toolbar, it works fine but the editor is still open in the background. I would like to close that process. Maybe there is a command-line parameter?

Please any help would be really appreciated.

Hi, you can run your game in standalone without the editor. So you can look at this here Running Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation under “Running an Uncooked Game from the Command Line”. Basically you run your game from the command line.

Hello Chrudimer, Thank you for looking into this,
Yes, I am aware of the command-line startup options, But in this case, we have to specify in the command line each time what map I have to run, whereas I was looking for a more handy solution. so I am working on the editor on a particular map and right away would like to run the same on standalone mode.
I know it sounds weird why I would like to close the editor, But actually, it is mainly for performance reasons.