Standalone game is slower than PIE


I’m making a FPS game and in the PIE I have 80/90FPS and I see my Actors rotating as they should.
When I right-click the uproject file and then Launch Game, the Actors rotate way slower than in the Editor

That is very annoying since I can’t ship my game in this state!

My specs:


GPU: Nvidia GT630

CPU: i5-4440 3.10GHz

I know this question has been asked a ton of times, but I still 't find a solution.

In the Editor I have about 70/80 FPS. In the Standalone game it’s way slower.

I read around that the standalone has much less optimizations than the PIE. But I can’t keep developing my game with the pain caused by the doubt of this bad FPS problem on the neck.

In the standalone I have 27fps


Try using the stat fps command by opening up the console using the ` key and typing in stat fps.

Notice that there may be a difference between PIE and Standalone framerate, and if there is, this would explain why your actor’s rotations are much slower in standalone. Let me know what results you see after performing this test.

This difference in fps would explain the differences that you are seeing in terms of your rotation.

Could you please provide your dxdiag?


link text

Can you please ensure that your graphics drivers are fully up-to-date? This can cause some performance issues if it is not the case.

I updated my Nvidia Drivers, but with no luck…

Since you’re seeing such a dramatic difference in performance in Standalone, it leads me to believe that there is either an asset that is causing a drop in performance, or some sort of blueprint that is performing some logic that is causing a framerate drop. Do you have anything that you can think of in your level that could be causing this?

I really have no idea. If you please would provide your email I’ll be glad to send you the project so maybe you can take a look by yourself.

(The reason I’m askin’ for an email instead of just linking is because I have made some coding stuff in C++ and I 't want to expose it all)


And by the way, it seems like I’ve not been the only one to face this issue. If you Google a bit, you’ll see many people facing this problem.

You can PM me a link to Dropbox where I can download the project. Here is a link to my forum profile:

Ok, sent :wink:

Any news?

What is the resolution of your PIE window vs your Standalone Game. Any full screen effects will be much slower. I know this is going to read as “Did you unplug it and plug it back in?” or “Try restarting your machine”… The reason I ask is if the PIE window is small, the FPS will be a lot faster than if it is full screen. Just ruling it out.

The PIE has this resolution:

The Standalone is a LITTLE bit bigger and goes down to 36 FPS.

Anyway, if I increase PIE’s resolution, it also decreases FPS counter.

But… how can this be possible? I mean, it’s not 7-8 fps of difference… but over 40!!!

Thank you for the additional information. Unfortunately, the project you submitted was too large to download from Dropbox. Could you trim down the project by deleting the Saved and Intermediate folders and then upload it again and provide another link?

I already removed those folders.

My connection took literally 3 hours to upload that on Dropbox, it would require as much for Google Drive.

Can I delete the .sln file of Visual Studio? It takes 773MB!

You can try uploading it to google drive and providing me with a link to that.

Also, I’d recommend trying the project out on a more powerful computer to see if you are seeing performance issues as well if this is something you have access to.

It’s not typical for the .sln to be that large, which could have something to do with the poor performance of your project in standalone. It seems like the reasoning behind your performance woes is due to some optimization issues that you’ll need to address. This means ensuring that any models you use in your project aren’t extremely high-poly, and ensuring that you 't have a ton of blueprints running actions that are being executed on tick. These things can hog performance, and can be a huge factor in why you are seeing a low framerate in standalone.

I meant if I could delete the .sln file for the upload, not definitely XD

Anyway, yes there is only one model which is terribly high-poly (my fault, i’m not a modeler, i’m a programmer) which is this: