Stairs, Walls, Grund with scars or indentation

Hello, I would like to know if I can create indentation((little holes, broken parts) on Stairs, Walls and Ground using Unreal Engine 4? Or do I have to create all kind of walls, all kind of stairs and all kind of floors first on Autodesk or blender and then import all of them to Unreal engine? I would kind of feel like, like Im creating a little game with something else, Like I would use a shoe to cut my bread, when I have nice and clean knife lying on the table, but I cant use that clean knife, because I dont have any hands to hold it so Im using my shoes that are on my feet. I can enjoy my bread only by cutting it with my shoes that are on my feet,

First, I want to create right geometrical forms and then deform them, change shape a little using Unreal Engine 4
Here is little example: Walls, stairs - Album on Imgur

Is it possible? Im kind of new to Unreal Engine and thank you for taking your time reading this.

It’s possible but it’s not simple, you can make special material, or just use substances from here

Hi NoNameGodLike,

We do have a geometry editing system inside of UE4 but it is intended for blocking out your level and should be replaced with custom meshes created in 3d modeling software.

Take a look at the link below for more info on the correct pipeline to create assets for UE4.

Another tutorial that goes through the process step by step.