Stairs in vr archviz project

Hi guys. I wanted to know how do you manage teleport and colision on stairs for an archviz project. This is à two level house with a stairs. The project Is based on the vr template in 4.13 . The problem Is with the navmesh i don’t know how to manage. The teleport does not working. Would you help me on this problem.


I currently work with 360 panos and, which allows me to create warps or jumps from one pano to another, which in principle also works for stairs/floors/AB tests of the same scene.

Here is an example

I think its a cool concept and the same would work in a full 3d walk through

Hope it helps

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I am using EQS system which probes nav mesh locations then picks best teleport destination near location i am pointing with controller. But that may be quite advanced thing to do, not needed for arch viz.

Instead you could do some simple teleportation system, then add special actor to make more complicated teleport jumps. So noraml locomotion happens when you select teleport destination, but when you trace that actor you set some special location (for eg upstairs). This whole thing can be done with actor blueprint that when triggered calls event in player pawn or controller. And that event teleports it to destination given by actor.

Or you can do your room travel like in example from KrisKarn post, just place widgets in 3d that teleport you to another room.