Stacking/Layering UV Channel Textures instead of blending them?


Im trying to stack the texture in my 2nd uv channel ontop of the 1st channel…
My 1st uvchannel uses a 4k texture and the 2nd one a 512px.
Im NOT trying to blend the colors. what i am trying to do is something like layers in photoshop.

I tried many ways. i tried creating mat functions etc. layered material.
I have two posts about the somewhat the same subject but always posted in wrong section. 1,2
So i try again.

Reading the article dectiption about layering materials, found here.
Quote:. “The result is a way of layering textures that simplifies the traditional method used by designers.”

I also tried to dig around the docs. but again. it seems to be Blends only. which will give a mixed result of both textures. depending on blend type.

Im not sure how to masking for this properly. Because i have several face. not only daffy duck.
so i really dont want to end up with N 4K texures.

Here is what i am trying to do.

And here is how it looks in ADK/~UE 4.5.?

Can anyone give a quick example. Been at this for days now without luck.

You should use Lerp instead of Add. Just use your 2nd texture’s alpha as lerp mask

Seems like there was a issue with one of my face image transparancy. i had 2 of same type i was messing with.
Tank you so much. when its that simple makes me feel a tag silly :wink:

I Appreciate your fast reply and help :slight_smile: