SSS profile material not working in VR?

We been basing our character skin material based on the skin shading example from the epic paragon character and noticed that it is incompatible with VR or in general any sss profile material after being packaged. It would be good to state this in the official documentation, so people don’t run into this problem. The only stating we could find regarding this problem is from 2014.

The weird part is that it works fine in the editor but as soon as we create a packaged version it breaks.
Has anyone been able to do any tricks or ways we can force the same compiled shader that is working in the editor?

I don’t think it makes sense to investigate debugging the shader since our team is unexperienced with shader programming. Debugging the Shader Compiling Process - Unreal Engine

this is how it looks by the way

I’m having the same issue, is there a solution for this?