SSR uses very low resolution depth, causing horrible artifacting

Image attached, ultra high sample count SSR, it leaves a pixelated halo evident of a very low depth resolution, What would i change in the shader file (Or a postprocess material in ssr input) to get rid of this stupid hack?

there’s a CVar *r.SSR.HalfResSceneColor *which makes SSR use half resolution scene color for optimization, which I think it makes it also use half resolution depth. however it’s off by default
what you’re seeing there is probably just the limits of SSR, but this might help: 3D Modeling & Texturing: [Unreal Engine 4] Improving Screen Space Reflections

Halving the scenecolor res just makes it worse, and i already followed that guide. 1/16th depth resolution is never a limit of ssr, but rather completely intentional and only in ue4’s implementation.