SSR / TXAA and screenshots : a solution is possible?

Is it even possible to find a way to make high res shot to include SSR and TXAA? I want to use ue4 for my commercial project (working on 1 right now) but this limitation is a major bummer.
It’s virtually impossible to make renders for prints when you can’t easily make a 6k+ image. SSR is mandatory for a realistic look.

I mean, If I use the printscreen button on my keyboard I get a shot with SSR and TXAA. I know high res shot is quite different but I wish it will be possible eventually…

Hopefully a dev can answer and tell us if this kind a feature is possible and if it can be included eventually in the engine! Thanks

Use console commands, by hitting the ~ key. Just put in HighResShot 7680x4320
You can change the resolution to anything you want. You can use console commands in the editor or in editor windows.

I know that but the problem is that high res shot does not save ssr/txaa at all :-S

Not a huge problem for an interior shot without many reflective materials but in other cases it doesn’t work. Like for my beach resort project. Ocean without SSR looks ugly.

Comparison :

High res shot 1 via console (no ssr/ no txaa) *it’s the same with HRS 1-7…

Print screen button ( ssr / tx aa on) 1080p monitor with screenpercentage to 200 to help a bit

Now I know this subject as been beaten to death and it’s a limitation of the current engine. My question is : can this be improved eventually without changing everything in ue4!!!

The problem is in the way the high resolution screenshot function is implemented: it splits up the screen in a number of pieces and renders each piece separately. This means that there is no complete screen buffer that SSR can read from. Effectively this would mean that you would only get very close objects reflected and ugly edges at the seams of the stitched images.

TAA is also incompatible with the tiled approach as it depends on data from previous frames. By jumping the camera around to create the different tiles there is no data for TAA to work with. Although I suppose they could fix this by rendering each tile a number of times, although that would slow down the function a lot.

Anyway, on to possible solutions:

  • If you have an Nvidia card you can use Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) to effectively get a 4x resolution increase. The image gets downscaled for display on your screen but is full resolution internally, so screenshots will be at a resolution beyond what your monitor can display.
  • Set screenpercentage beyond 100 in your post process volume. This also super samples the image, although it won’t affect the output resolution, it will improve the image quality and you can combine it with regular high res screenshots or the previously mentioned DSR.

Those methods will have a big performance impact, but if it’s just for screenshots that shouldn’t be an issue.

Still doesn’t really work unfortunately. DSR scales back the image to fit my monitor (in unreal) but the console command high res shot 1 still doesn’t take temporal/ssr (even tho it’s 1 tile and not 4).

I tried DSR on another game where my monitor only show 1 tile (top left corner) of the whole image, but print screen still only save that 1/4 of the image.

I need a way to save the 3/4 that’s not displayed on my monitor… :frowning:

We need an option in the Highres screenshot tool to render with subsampling and a user defined wait state for AA to finalize. You can make super sized screenshots easy and quick but those will never include very crisp edges and SSR cause these are only possible with AA. The current solution I use is to set up a simple 1-keyframe matinee, then launch this in a new window, have 200-300% AA in my PPV, wait for AA/SSR to finalize, then press a key I have set in my level blueprint to execute the ‘shot’ command.
Not ideal but it does produce way better quality than the Highres screenshot tool.

When using DSR you should use the regular screenshot function. (or print screen) That will give you the 4x sized version without the downscaling and with SSR and TAA.

Thoerically, I wonder if :

A native 2560x1440 print screen with 200% screenpercentage would equal a simple 5120x2880 print screen… Technically they should have the same pixel density. Do you guys think they would look identical once printed?

Even simpler, put that in your level blueprint to start the game on a camera of your choice. Faster than making a 1-keyframe matinee, I think…


I don’t get it because as you can see on this screen (game is dcs world, because in ue4 I can’t get the game not to rescale automatically) print screen won’t save the part that’s not on my monitor. I have a slight DSR multiplier on this one. The game window is bigger than my monitor.

here’s the print screen : DSR set the game at 2800 ish per 1500 and my monitor 1440p.

Super! Thanks for that valuable tooltip! :cool:

Your screenshot didn’t upload correctly, but based on your description it sounds like you are running the game in a window that is larger then your desktop. This indeed won’t work as a screenshot would only capture the part visible on your screen. Instead you should either:

  • Run the game full screen, you will see the full image downscaled to your monitor resolution, but screenshots will still be at the 4x resolution.
  • If you want to use DSR to capture images in a windowed application you have to also set your desktop resolution to the supersampled extra high resolution to make sure the windows fits on the screen.

Here’s an example of my desktop, trust me I don’t have a 7520x3840 monitor :slight_smile:


ohhh now It worked! I was forgeting to change my desktop resolution before launching my apps. Probably why.

Thanks for the tips man! finally higher res images with SSR and and all!

Now I’ll do some printing tests between DSR screens, normal screens with higher screenpercentage or both…

Globally I think screenpercentage improves the quality of ssr the most. So using DSR + a slight screen percentage could be the key! Fps killer but for stills it doesn’t matter!

I’ve always used the “shot” command instead of “high res shot”. Even if your game is running at a resolution larger than your monitor and appears cropped, the output will be correct. The only problem with this is that 4.11 may have broken the ability to reliably get a resolution larger than your monitor. I submitted this AnswerHub bug back in the previews, and I don’t know if it is fixed yet. So you might not be able to set it to the right resolution, but “shot” always works perfectly.