(SSR.Quality) & Building Lighting

I have 2 questions about (SSR.Quality)

Q 01-
I had found many advices talking about how to control the SSR.Quality…they were:
through the “console command”
through the 'PostProcessVolume"
In the “BaseScalability.ini” file

Since I don’t know the deference between the above three procedures; I can’t decide which one would be the best for high quality result…

Q 02-
Does modifying (SSR.Quality) have any relation (effect) with building Lighting…?
I mean; shall I use it before OR after the building lighting process…?

Thanks & Best Regards

1-All of these will give the same result, but the Post Process Volume is the easiest. Just scroll down to Screen Space Reflections and up the quality from 50 to 100, or whatever.

2-No, SSR is a post-processing effect so it has no effect on the lighting build.

Thanks for your time & clarification… :slight_smile:

Is the r.ssr.quality [0-4] console cmd really the same as the post process volume “Screen Space Reflections” Quality [0-100]?? Seems odd that one is a value of 0-100 and the other offers various quality settings 0-4. Additionally confused by the help under r.ssr.quality that states: “Whether to use screen space reflections and at what quality setting. (limits the setting in the post process settings which has a different scale)”