SSR: Problem with blobs by teleporting

Hello UE4 Users!

I am trying to make an assembly line. So lets say I have 100 trays. Now I want to move them forwards 2 seconds and then let them jump back to the original position.

This makes the illusion of a moving assembly line… BUT Screen Space Reflections has a problem with that. As you can see in this youtube video, the reflection blobs the moment the trays (or boxes in the video) jump back.

I tried some Console Commands and activating r.ssr.cone removes the blops, but the reflections are very noise…

Is there any way to get rid of the blobs in this scenario of teleporting objects?

So no solution for this problem in sight…
For now i am using a workaround. Loop Animations done with the Vertex Animation Tool workflow do NOT have a Problem with SSR blobs.