SSR not working, UE4 4.19, I´m not being able to see screen space reflections

Hi there.

I have a new project, created in 4.19, I have all my materialss with High Quality reflections, and I have a post process volume with Screen Space reflections enabled and I don´t see them at all.

Help please, SSR is an important part of my project.


Make sure your scalability settings are set high enough, if you have a lower end machine the editor may have defaulted to a lower graphical setting.

5960X, 64Gb or Ram and a GTX1080… it should run at high, I have everything at Epic and material quality at High, thanks for the idea :slight_smile:

Ok… silly question… but I think it is the answer to my problems… do we have SSR in Forward Shading mode???

Nope, no screen space reflections or screen space AO in forward shading. I desperately want these things.

Even disabling Forward shading I still don´t get Screen Space Reflections… I don´t understand what is happening! :stuck_out_tongue:

Turn on Temporal AA (TAA) in your Rendering Settings instead of FXAA or no AA

Nope… I also have Temoral AA in my rendering settings :stuck_out_tongue:

it´s like if they were broken, I can´t find a way to enable them…

The weirdest thing is that I can see the Screen Space AO, but I can´t get any SSR.

I created a completely new level and this is what I get, no SSR at all, just environment reflections ???


Hi,same problem here, did you find a solution?

SSAO should work in Forward Rendering mode in the more recent versions, but not SS reflections. You have to rely on reflection captures or planar reflections for the time being if you want to use Forward.

Screen space reflections need (at least) a normal buffer to work, which would defeat the purposes of forward rendering, which is to draw geometry and lighting in a single pass.