SSR not displayed correctly

While i read many articles about SSR, the same answers always comes up, the cutoff of SSR on the borders of the screen is correct, as SSR reflects what is on your screen.

Look at the image… if this were true, it would not fade away while the object is on screen, the fadeout should take place out of screen when the object is also out of screen.

What do you think?

I think they should fix this into fading away out of screen, it looks unatural as well.

At screen borders areas there is artificial fade to avoid sudden pops. You can tune that behavior by editing this file.

Ah sweet :-)… thanx

Another trick is to create larger buffer and view the center in screen.
This gives more area for the SSR to work, although the performance penalty is quite heavy. (can look very nice though.)

Thanx Lippo, as that seems easier to do as compiling the engine with custom features, i will try your link first… thanx :slight_smile: