SSR issue with objects with low roughness

I read a lot of threads about SSR and similar issues but i didn’t find solution. There is a very visible changing of reflection in all shiny object in the same time in some of camera positions. I have TemporalAA in rendering settings. I think this is caused by SSR because when I change intesity of SSR to 0 there is no issue, but maybe there is a solution to keep reflections and fix this issue? I know that SSR is based on camera view, but I think if I move camera smoothly, reflections should change smoothly too. I can’t use Reflection Captures, because I make game with randomizing levels.
Here is video of issue. For the best reproduce I started new 3rd person project, open StarterMap and I didn’t change anything (and character has this issue too):

After publish it I upgraded my project to 4.26 and it solved the issue. I don’t remove this thread because maybe someone will have similar problem.