SSR can I exclude certain objects?

Hello guys,

A quick question.

Is it possible to exclude certain objects/actors from SSR calculation? in order to avoid “halo artifacts” around the objects in front of reflective surfaces.

For ex. if a character walks in water you will clearly see an outline halo artifact around the character when you have the reflective water in the background, I understand SSR is working as post process and acting upon possibly scene depth of sorts, I would simply like to tell SSR to not reflect the character maybe somehow “mask it out” to avoid the artifacts.

Is this possible in any way? or is there any workaround to this?


Would like to add:

How can you change the quality of the SSR on a translucent material,

This link explains how to change the SSR quality overall through modifying the file itself: 3D Modeling & Texturing: [Unreal Engine 4] Improving Screen Space Reflections

While this works on all SSRs it ignores the translucent material’s SSR, any way to override the quality there as well?